Brak is a young fashion brand based between Brussels and Paris. We are specialized in the creation of high quality balaclavas. We deeply believe in the expressive role of fashion and anything that encourages unbridled creativity.

Brak is born from the encounter between Eve and Nicolas. They both regret the time where they were wearing balaclavas keeping their cute little children’ faces warm during winter.

They wanted to revive this unfairly abandoned accessory. The first step was to prevent bad experiences from the past from occurring again: the balaclavas need to be as soft as possible. They tackled this by using the finest merino wool with fibers as thin as they prevent any itchiness. They then pleased their fashion appetite by creating unique pieces that will make anyone wearing it standing out. 

Brak is designed as a ray of light piercing through the greyest winter skies.

We will make no concessions on our values. We are constantly seeking to improve the way fashion is done. All our products are made in the south of France out of the best responsible merino wool.