How to take care of your balaclava

• Merino wool doesn’t really need washing. Its fibres have a natural protective coating, making it resistant to dirt and dust. It naturally has antibacterial properties that draws moisture away from the body and releases it. As the balaclavas are entirely made out of merino wool it shouldn’t develop any odour. Hang to ventilate instead.

• That being said, to wash merino wool, the best way is to do it by hand using mild soap and cool water. Otherwise, use a specialist wool detergent at 30°C with a low spin setting. Avoid hot water as it may shrink the wool.

• Don’t use bleach nor softeners. While bleach destroys the fibers, fabric softener coats the fibers, reducing their ability to naturally manage moisture and regulate body temperature.

• Dry our balaclavas flat on a rack, placing a towel underneath to absorb any drips. Hanging it up to dry might stretch the wool out of shape.

• If stored for an extended period, wash the balaclava beforehand and store it in drawers with mothballs. 

The benefits of Merino Wool

All our balaclavas are made out of merino wool. This wool is the finest and softest sheep’s wool in the world and combines the characteristics of wool and synthetic materials without all the flaws. The very fine fibers of the wool make it extremely soft for the skin.
The dense yet puffy yarn of our products creates a natural barrier to wind and is water resistant. The structure of these fibers also make it breathable – so it will always be warm but never too hot. Merino wool being thermoregulatory, it will keep you cool when you’re hot and warm when it’s cold.
Odour-causing bacteria is absorbed by Merino wool fibers—keeping them from reproducing or growing on the surface of Merino fibers. This helps reduce unpleasant odours. Less bacteria and stinks means you can wear Merino wool for weeks without needing to wash it.
Wool is not an allergen. The itchiness of some fabrics can be caused by the large diameter of different types of wool, this won’t happen with our merino wool.